Changes underway

  1. TENZ has updated the Induction and Mentoring resources to be in-line with the new Standards for the Teaching Profession.
  2. TENZ has discontinued the Appraisal of principals, senior leaders and teaching staff resources, and there is limited stock available.
  3. The Appraisal Booklets for Non-Teaching Staff continue to be available, and are a popular resource.
  • Providing resources to support you with

    • Growing the capacity and capability of your most valuable asset – your staff.
    • Supporting and encouraging your teachers to improve their practice, to improve student outcomes.
    • Dovetailing your school’s vision and priorities with each teachers’ professional growth.
    • Demonstrating your commitment to being a ‘good employer’.
    • Saving the time and energy required to implement effective staff improvement programmes.
  • Our resources

    • Simplify the key features of performance review.
    • Provide a clear cycle that encourages improvement.
    • Enable the individual strengths and needs of each staff member to be documented.
    • Focus on the essential components of self-improvement – reflection, risk taking, professional development and collaboration.
    • Are developed by our team of educators who have experience amounting to 70 years in primary or secondary schools.
  • Providing one-day workshops for your non-teaching staff that

    • Identify characteristics of a professional in the educational context of your school.
    • Explore strategies to improve the systems and structures in your school.
    • Establish a ‘fresh’ approach to staff roles.
    • Provides that professional development opportunity you have promised them in their annual appraisal process.


  • Non-teaching Staff Appraisal Booklet

    “We have found this document an excellent vehicle to initiate discussion with the appraiser at appraisal interview times, as well as ensuring that evidence surrounding their role and daily performance is clearly documented”.

    Graeme Lind
    Greenpark School, Tauranga

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